Highly specialized portfolio

Developing an optimum coating system for a certain application demands a knowledge of the complex interaction between all the ingredients. The requirements may differ greatly according to the area of use, the method of application and the surface to be protected and/or treated. Our Surface Technology business unit combines expert knowledge and an industry-specific range of special raw materials to make it easier for you to develop the optimum formulation in each case. Simply contact us to discuss your objectives and challenges.

What moves the industry?

Trends emerge when the needs of the market lead to the generation of new ideas and then to the development of new products, which in turn result in a promising application.

What are your current concerns? Discuss the challenges you face in the development of new products with us. We monitor the market very closely and can supply you with input on new developments and novel approaches to finding a solution to special tasks. Regardless of the technology and the medium, we will provide you with stimuli and will also be glad to support you through the services of our coatings laboratory for applications testing.

Raw materials for paints and coatings


Adhesion PromotersTitanates, Zirconates, Silanes
Anti-corrosive PigmentsAluminium triphosphates
Phosphoric acid ester
Catalysts, Crosslinkers and Chain ExtendersTitanates, Zirconates, Silanes
Corrosion InhibitorsDinonylnaphtalene sulfonate
Hydrophobing and Water-scavenging AgentsSilanes
Matting Agents„Green“ precipitated silica
Polyurethane beads
Neutralising and Stabilising AgentsAmino alcohols
Nitro paraffins
Rheology Additives(modified) Castor Oil Derivatives
Conventional and Hydro Clays
Wetting and Dispersing AdditivesAmino alcohols
Polyurethane-based co-polymers
Additional Products based on renewable raw materials
BindersSolid Acrylic Resins
Solid Polyester Resins
Water-based Acrylic Emulsions
Water-based Hybrid Dispersions
Water-based Polyurethane Dispersions
Water-based UV-curable Dispersions
Curing Agents for Water-based Dispersions
Functional FillersTalc
Microspheres, solid, expanded or expandable
Light weight fillers
Wollastonite (KEMOLIT- and FILLEX-Series)