Experienced advice in issues of applications technology

Before you can market speciality chemicals, you first have to understand them. This is the principle on which we operate our own applications technology laboratory and which we apply when considering our target markets at expert level. Our aspiration it to know the function of our special raw materials in the end product and also to understand their interactions with other constituents. This allows us to advise you on some of those tricky questions as well:

Are you planning to test new components?

Thanks to our outstandingly equipped laboratory for applications technology and development together with our decades of experience, we are able to investigate many issues in detail under realistic conditions.

Are you planning to modify physical properties?

Converting liquids into solids or vice versa – if you wish to have certain product properties changed for your processes, we may have the solution ready and waiting.

Are you planning to simplify production steps?

By premixing components or employing raw material packages, we can help to speed up your processes. Simply contact us to discuss the various options for targeted individualization. We supply speciality chemical raw materials in the packaging format that matches your production process.