Expertise in black and white

In Europe alone, some one million tonnes of printing inks are applied every year. This is an astounding quantity in view of how thinly the ink is applied. From printing newspapers via food packaging to fine-art printing, the requirements placed on printing inks are extremely varied.

Our product range for surface technology offers a broad range of raw materials for paste-type and UV-curable printing inks as well as those with a water and solvent base. As an independent marketing company, we are also able to meet any special wishes from our clients quickly and reliably.

A market with regenerative potential

Synthetic raw materials based on petrochemicals are an indispensable constituent of many printing inks. Yet petroleum-free formulations are also becoming more and more important. For additives, too, interest in regenerative raw materials is growing. We can offer you a selection of regenerative raw materials for the production of printing inks, such as in the field of dispersants.

Raw materials for printing inks

BindersAcrylic resins
UV curable oligomers
Functional FillersTalc
Dispersing / wetting agentsBased on renewable raw materials
Nitro paraffines
FotoinitiatorsLow migration
Adhesion promotersTitanates, zirconates
Catalysts/initiatorsTitanates, zirconates
Radical initiator
Phosphoric acid ester
Rheological additives for solvent-based and solvent-free systemsCastor oil derivates and modified castor oil derivates
Modified tectosilicates / bentonites
Rheological additives for water-based systemsModified tectosilicates / bentonites
Stabilising and neutralising agentsAmino alcohol
Nitro paraffines