Strong components for adhesives and sealants

Adhesives and sealants have largely driven out mechanical joints in many branches of industry. From the automobile industry via producers of packaging to engineering, adhesives ensure strong connections and also save on weight and production costs. We supply virtually all special raw materials for your formulation across the entire spectrum of adhesives.

Reliably in top quality

Industrial adhesives are often part of complex production processes and are subject to elaborate qualification procedures. You, the adhesives producer, are therefore dependent upon the constant quality and availability of your raw materials. As an independent distributor and producer of special raw materials, we can ensure a reliable supply of raw materials in sufficient quantity and at the required time.

Raw materials for adhesives and sealants

BindersAcrylic resins
UV curable oligomers
Aqueous PU-dispersions
Functional FillersTalc, silica, kaolin
Hollow glass / ceramic microspheres
Microspheres, expanded or expandable
Solid microspheres
Ceramic foams
Phosphoric acid ester
Dispersing / Wetting AgentsBased on renewable raw materials
SurfactantsFluorosurfactants, fluorides
Nitro paraffins
Adhesion promotersTitanates, zirconates
Catalysts/initiatorsTitanates, zirconates
Radical initiators
Corrosion inhibitorsDinonylnaphtalene sulphonates
Rheological additives for solvent-based and solvent-free systemsCastor oil derivatives and modified castor oil derivatives
Modified tectosilicates (bentonites)
Stabilising and neutralising agentsAmines
Nitro paraffins