A fount of ideas for product development

We understand very well that developing new products is a delicate topic which means playing your cards close to your chest. As we maintain a very trusting relationship with many clients, we will support you in issues of product development. Measures include selecting constituents of the formulation with the greatest possible compatibility or achieving a very specific product property. We would be delighted to surprise you with some of our exceptional solutions.

Our product development department is your expert point of contact when it is necessary to optimize the rheological properties of paints and varnishes, printing inks, adhesives and sealants or chemicalproducts for the construction industry. When devising customer-specific solutions in our applications technology laboratory we draw on our wealth of experience and the know-how from our collaboration with scientific research establishments. For many years now, organic rheology modifiers under the brand name LUVOTIX®  have been developed, produced and sold around the world. The products based on castor oil, polyolefin or polyamide are employed as finely micronized pourable powders or as solvent-containing pastes to control rheological properties in solvent-borne or solvent-free systems.Selection of the most suitable rheological additive depends on the process conditions and the polarity of the formulation because activation of the organic rheology additives takes place in a shear process dependent upon time and temperature.

Under the brand name LUVOGEL®, we develop and market inorganic rheology modifiers which are used in solvent-based or aqueous systems as gelling agents, suspension agents or thickeners. Naturally occurring or synthetically produced sheet silicates (phyllosilicates) capable of swelling, in some cases with organic modifications, can be use in formulations with differing polarities with or without the addition of polar activators for adjusting the rheological properties.