Experience is our foundation

From foundations to roof insulation, life without efficient and modern construction materials free of our special chemicals is difficult to imagine. For a long time now it has not merely been a question of improving specific properties for the construction materials, because sustainability is also a crucial factor today. With over 50 years of experience in construction chemicals, we can provide you with targeted support to furnish your products with additional properties and develop innovative products.

Increasingly attractive, fast and efficient

Cities around the world are forever outdoing each other with new and ambitious architectural achievements. Not least of the factors making this boom possible are the special raw materials that make construction products more efficient, more robust and also more durable. Concrete, plaster and mortar are becoming more resistant to environmental influences such as acid rain and air-borne pollutants. Concrete additives accelerate the setting process and thus open up new processing options. Special fillers and air-entraining agents are suitable for increasing the energy efficiency of construction materials.

Raw materials for construction chemicals

BindersAcrylic resins
Functional FillersDiatomaceous earth, talc, silica, kaolin, 
Hollow glass / ceramic microspheres
Microspheres, expanded or expandable
Solid microspheres
Ceramic foams
Dispersing / wetting agentsBased on renewable raw materials
Amines, nitro paraffins
SurfactantsFluorosurfactants, fluorides
Nitro paraffins
Adhesion promotersTitanates, zirconates
Catalysts /initiatorsTitanates, zirconates
Radical initiator
Phosphoric ester
Rheological additives for solvent-based and solvent-free systemsCastor oil derivates and modified castor oil derivates
Modified tectosilicates / bentonites
Rheological additives for water-based systemsModifizierte tectosilicates / bentonites
Stabilising and neutralising agentsAmino alcohol
Nitro paraffins