OMEGA-BUBBLES® C: Lehmann&Voss&Co. establishes new product range of brilliant white expanded glass granules

Lehmann&Voss&Co. expands its existing portfolio of lightweight fillers with highly pure white expanded glass granules called OMEGA-BUBBLES® C, which are suitable for cement-based architectural objects, where excellent light shades are important.

OMEGA-BUBBLES® C are multicellular expanded glass granules. The high whiteness can help to reduce the addition of titanium dioxide in cementitious formulation. For aesthetic applications like acoustic construction or ceilings the ultra-white lightweight fillers meet today's need for environmental focus. OMEGA-BUBBLES® C being based on selected recycled glass. Using these products is sustainable and environmentally friendly and can reduces your green CO2 footprint.

OMEGA-BUBBLES® C are available in a variety of particle sizes suitable for construction, insulation, and other related industries.

The most important applications in the construction sector include:

  • Best suited for acoustic tiles & constructions
  • High sound absorption coefficient of 0.635 NRC measured with ISO 10534-2
  • White screeds and light renders
  • Light levelling / repair mortars
  • Modern light tile adhesives
  • Loose embankments in floors and false ceilings
  • Thermal renovation of rooftops

In the field of paint and lacquer systems:

  • Thick film applications of paints & varnishes
  • Thermal Insulation coatings
  • Isolating roof coatings
  • Lightweight resins for automotive

Samples of OMEGA-BUBBLES® C can be ordered immediately. Please contact your respective customer advisor at Lehmann&Voss&Co.KG or send an email to surface(at)

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