Lehmann&Voss&Co.KG expands portfolio by specialty additives product group with the new LUVOPLUS® brand

Lehmann&Voss&Co. is expanding its existing product portfolio with a wide range of additives under the new brand LUVOPLUS®. The market-proven product line includes specialty chemicals for levelling, wetting, defoaming, non-stick and dispersing purposes:

  • Wetting additives
    LUVOPLUS® SW are silicone wetting agents for waterborne coating systems. They are particularly suitable for use on low energy materials such as PVC, PE, PET and PP substrates and metals.
  • Defoamer
    LUVOPLUS® AF are silicone-free polymer-based defoamers that are suitable for a wide range of applications in solvent-based and solvent-free systems.
  • Anti-adhesion agents
    LUVOPLUS® AB are ultra-high molecular weight silicone additives that can be used for artificial leather and leather surfactant, high viscosity ink, epoxy flooring paint, lacquers and other applications.
  • Dispersing additives
    LUVOPLUS® DA are wetting and dispersing additives for solventborne coatings, which stabilize pigments of all kinds and pigment concentrates.

We will also find the right LUVOPLUS® additive for your application. Talk to us!


LUVOPLUS® special additives

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